Our fanless embedded systems are based on NXP processors. For all your needs, we offer reasonable embedded systems scaled from ARM9 with 400 MHz up to 1GHz Quadcore Cortex A9 CPU. Our single board computers are compatible with Linux, Android and Windows.
You feel almost no desire to develop an embedded system yourself. It should just work and be ready-to-install in your own housing. Typically from inside with mounting bolts and a thin fitting around the display.
Garz & Fricke offers you a wide range of industrial TFT Displays and touch screens as single and individual components or as a complete preconfigured set including cables, adapter- and backlight driver boards.
You already have a control box, such as a server rack or analyzer cabinet, with nothing else but a rectangle cut-out. Just slide the boxed HMI into the opening and fix it with some brackets. Done. For lifestyle gurus individual printing is possible on demand.
This is definitively state-of-the-art in regard of design integration. Or your application requires safety glass due to either vandalism or hygiene factors. In most cases, the optical highlight behind 3 mm glass requires good mechanical integration.
Our fanless DIN rail computers are based on NXP processors. Available with Cortex-A8 /800 MHz up to the 1GHz Quadcore Cortex A9 CPU and equipped with numerous interfaces such as CAN, RS485, RS232 and Ethernet, our embedded systems offer comprehensive options for industrial plants. Our DIN rail computers are compatible with Linux, Android and Windows.
SANTVEND is a modern, newly developed Linux-based vending machine control system. An MDB interface for connecting payment systems, as well as the 3G/4G modem, makes SANTVEND ready for the Internet of Things. Thanks to the powerful graphics unit, High Resolution touch displays can be operated. The proven vending machine controllers in the Garz & Fricke family can be regarded as being state of the art replacements for conventional vending machine controllers. What’s more, in many cases, our controllers represent the only available solution for converting existing vending machines so that they can take advantage of modern payment systems and telemetry, as well as complying with child protection laws.
Garz & Fricke’s range of vending machine accessories spans telemetry modules and servicing tools as well as replacement keypads and displays.
We offer our own card payment system in the form of the KarL³, which makes your vending machines ready for cashless payments. KarL³ also supports age verification, in order to comply with child protection laws. In partnership with SUZOHAPP and ICT, we have developed custom coin changers and banknote readers, which are available exclusively from us.
All members of the Garz & Fricke FTL vending machine controller family feature an expansion slot. If you wish to add telemetry functions to your controller, simply plug in the Garz & Fricke Connect VMC modem and fit the antenna into the machine. Done! Adding telemetry functionality really is this easy! No additional cables or brackets required.


We offer one-stop-shopping for conceptual development, electronical and mechanical design, production and service. We are your helping hand from the first idea to mass production of electronic devices and systems

At Garz & Fricke we mate creativity and experience in one site. We are capable to design and manufacture almost everything by ourselves. This enables us to always find the perfect solution for you. No matter what the business or challenge is. This solution can be cost efficient based on standards or individually tailored for your specific demands.