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Complete cloud ecosystem from a single source

Cloud solution

Complete cloud ecosystem

The HMI and panel PC specialist Garz & Fricke presents its comprehensive cloud strategy for the industrial Internet of Things (IIot) for the first time at the embedded world trade fair. In hall 2, booth 240, the experts will demonstrate the functionality of the new "Garz & Fricke Cloud-Solution" with case studies.

In industries where tens of thousands of clients are integrated into business-relevant solutions, security plays a central role. Garz & Fricke now offers an end-to-end, hardware-supported solution, with which all products (clients) of the manufacturer can be securely integrated into the Garz & Fricke Cloud. The development of the new security concept is based on the decades of expertise of the development department, which has the relevant experience with large client networks. In the past, Garz & Fricke has already implemented a large number of installations with a total of more than 100,000 connected clients for well-known customers in its telemetry solution G&F Connect Tabak. One example are vending machines, which can be centrally controlled and monitored with the provider's in-house telemetry solution.

Further development expands the application spectrum

With the further development and modularization of the telemetry solution, the company has now taken the next step. The completely modernized infrastructure is now offered consistently and for all verticals. In the course of this, the offer was also given a new name: "Garz & Fricke Cloud-Solution".

Garz & Fricke attaches particular importance to data security. For this purpose, the company drew on the know-how gained through the approval of the payment system KarL4 by the German banking industry. All Garz & Fricke clients will already offer hardware support to securely authenticate and encrypt communication into the cloud.

"Our device-independent management software in combination with the unique Cloud2Cloud interface makes our security offering a feel-good package that covers all security-related aspects," explains Stephan Meyer-Loges, Product Manager Embedded Systems at Garz & Fricke. "The current product is suitable as a stand-alone solution, but can also be used as a building block in a diversified IT map".

The Garz & Fricke cloud solution has a standard management interface for cloud deployment. Therefore, operation can be started and activated without great installation effort. In addition, Cloud2Cloud connect can be used to connect a variety of standard solutions, but also individual customer solutions. The adaptable and bandwidth-efficient protocol offers maximum flexibility and works in a variety of infrastructures and application environments. Companies that want to implement the Garz&Fricke cloud solution are thus guaranteed maximum autonomy of customer data.

Generate data and control applications

In the Garz & Fricke Cloud, numerous applications can be used and a large amount of data can be managed. In addition to status values, e.g. for route planning or proactive maintenance, the Garz & Fricke cloud service can also be used to control content management and updates of applications or operating systems.   

For use in fleet management, for example, the status of the device, such as the fill level or service requirements, can be determined. In this way, tours and service assignments can be optimally planned and vehicles loaded according to economic and ecological aspects.

Vending machines installed in the area can also be monitored and managed more easily via the cloud. The solution checks their functional status, determines whether they need to be filled with new goods or whether maintenance or repair is required.

The customer can now make software adjustments independently via his cloud management software or roll out new content remotely in other devices if this becomes necessary.

"Garz & Fricke is currently the only provider that offers the complete cloud ecosystem from a single source and with an end-to-end security stack," reports Stephan Meyer-Loges. "This starts with the clients with their integrated secure elements, which are essential for overall security".

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