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Consistent SBC development guarantees long product life cycles

Family Concept

Family Concept by Garz & Fricke

The use of the newest single board computer technologies is an essential requirement for providing customers with unique Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) in the industrial sector. This is the only way to develop products that are flexible and future-oriented. The development of new products for the respective application purposes is time-consuming and cost-intensive. This makes it even more important to be prepared for technological developments or even product end-of-life announcements and to be able to react at any time. To ensure that Garz & Fricke customers can rely on "state-of-the-art" HMIs with a long lifetime and delivery capability, the specialists from Hamburg therefore continuously develop their product families. This offers all customers a high level of investment security.

Continuously updating products and manufacturing in Germany with the highest quality are the core of Garz & Fricke’s philosophy. This is also the reason why the Single Board Computer (SBC), the heart of the HMIs, can last ten to 15 years on the market while always being up to date. "We simply call it Family Concept, because the products grow like a family and we continuously develop them. This allows us to offer our customers individual solutions for their specific applications and provide them with an important competitive advantage," explains Stephan Meyer-Loges, Head of Product Management at Garz & Fricke.

As part of the Family Concept, the company continuously updates its SBC product generations. The next generation of the product family succeeds the previous version. All Single Board Computer of different generations are of course compatible with each other. Another advantage offered by Garz & Fricke: If a company decides to replace an HMI product towards the end of the SBC lifecycle, the Hamburg-based embedded specialists simply exchanges the old board for a product of the new generation based on the form-fit-function principle of the products. In this way, customers can be assured of a long service life for the HMIs with form-fit-function availability of up to 15 years.

Customized solutions

Each SBC product family is developed and manufactured in-house by Garz & Fricke in Germany with the highest quality standards and fulfills its specific application purpose within the framework of the Family Concept. In addition to current processor generations, this also includes a variety of different interfaces for the use of HMIs in control systems and industrial applications. For example, the current NALLINO family is designed for applications requiring low power consumption. The SANTARO - the follow-up generation of the VINCELL - on the other hand, is particularly suitable for intelligent operating and display systems thanks to its flexible LVDS interface with full HD resolutions. The Family Concept also offers scalability to different versions and sizes, so that customers can always find the right HMI for their application areas.

Current SBC generations

With the current further development of the SBC product families, Garz & Fricke can serve the requirements in the industrial environment even more specifically. The Single Board Computers VINCELL LT and CUPID have been replaced by the follow-up products SANTINO LT with modern and more powerful CPUs and SANTINO with TTL interfaces. In 2021, the TANARO SBC will be available as a result of a joint product development between Garz & Fricke and processor module specialist Keith & Koep, which has been part of the Garz & Fricke Group since the beginning of 2020. It is based on the latest processor generation i.MX8M Mini from NXP. These processors offer high performance with low power consumption and low heat generation, even with extremely high-performance requirements.

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