News - 20.03.2020

Coronavirus and COVID-19


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Dear friends and partners,

even and especially in the current crisis, the entire Garz & Fricke group absolutely takes their social and economic responsibility.

Cought between compassion, crisis management and the fulfilment of economic obligations, we see it as our primary task to protect human life in the best possible way and to strictly follow the rules imposed on all of us. In doing so, we make every reasonable effort to continue to supply you. A constant flow of goods and the resulting financial cash flow are the lifelines of our economy, which are badly battered these days. The longer we maintain these sources, the better we will be able to manage the times of crisis together. We do this with the greatest care and flexibility.

We just do it!

We are literally refraining from ancient habits and traditions and are setting up ourselves for interpersonal relationships in which modern technology can prove itself in how it can really help humanity. When used correctly, video and telephone conferences, emails and group chats are quite suitable media for maintaining social contacts instead of social distancing. We are constantly working on this.

It goes without saying that in these times we give priority to instant needs over stockpiling and medical/clinical demands over the production of luxury goods. This will always be done in close coordination with all parties involved and with attention to detail.

We don't want to spend many words about the fact that we work at home wherever possible, develop emergency plans and optimally secure relevant core processes such as production and logistics for you. We all have to accept, that any supply chain statement has an extremely short validity, but we will answer you as best we can and we will inform you in case of things are getting really worse.

Whenever you have the feeling that the Garz & Fricke Group might be able to help you in your situation, please let your contacts know. We are always at your disposal!

Steven Kluge

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