News - 20.05.2020

Garz & Fricke enables contactless purchase of mouth-nose protection from vending machines

Vending machine for hygienic products

Vending machine for mouth and nose protection in the entrance area of a supermarket.

This is how quick and easy it is to use the device.

For the moment, the Corona pandemic will accompany all our lives. Together with the vending machine manufacturer and initiator HARTING, Garz & Fricke is reacting to the current crisis and is, therefore, developing an adapted vending machine for hygienic products. After the installation, it will be possible to buy mouth-nose masks (disposable or reusable), sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and gloves.

The control unit, the software, and the contactless payment system KarL4 are provided by Garz & Fricke - the vending machine technology by HARTING. Also, the adapted vending machine will be provided with a 21.5" SANTVEND HMI with an integrated NFC antenna. The antenna, which is located behind the glass, enables the payment process by holding the card directly in front of the touch screen. The vending machines are built at HARTING Systems in Espelkamp.

The vending machines will be installed in the entrance areas of shops or wherever there is a need for a mouth-nose mask.

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