News - 30.01.2018

Garz & Fricke extends it's touchscreen product portfolio

SGD Display

Garz & Fricke has extended it's rich product portfolio by two displays from Ampire which offer optional Optical Nano Bonding Technology.

The 15,6" Full HD IPS display AM-19201080F1TZQW-TA5 and the 10,1" IPS display AM-1280800NCTZQWT64H with 1280 x 800 pixels - both brandnew - should be highlighted. Both displays are equipped with an especially bright backlight, extended temperature range and an industrial grade touch-controller. With the latest optional Nano Bonding Technology both offer highest color-brilliance and best readability at direct sunlight too.

Besides these Garz & Fricke offers another two displays from Solomon Goldentek: the 10.4“ TFT display GNTSA4TNFA1E0 with 800 x 600 pixels at 24bit color-depth an 40.000 hrs backlight lifetime at 600 cd/m² and the brandnew 8.4 " TFT display GNTS84SNGH1E0 with 800 x 600 pixels, 24bit color-depth and up to 1000 cd/m² with 50.000 hrs  lifetime.

Both SGD-displays  are mechanically offered in a quasi-industrial standard form-factor. Therefore they are a perfect fit if a replacement is needed in a running project or when time-to-market and a short lead time by multi-sourcing are required.

All four displays can be purchased as single components from Garz & Fricke. Besides that they are used in the ready-to-run embedded HMI systems the manufacturer offers.

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