News - 30.07.2020

Garz & Fricke invests in two new climate cabinets

Klimaschrank CTS
Klimaschrank Binder

An important aspect in product development and manufacturing at Garz & Fricke, supplier of embedded systems, HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and panel PCs, is a comprehensive quality control. Especially in the product development for global markets, various environmental conditions to which the HMIs might be exposed have to be considered already during the development and planning stage. This includes, among many other conditions, strong temperature fluctuations. That's why manufacturers like Garz & Fricke subject their products to tests already in the research and development stage to check the reliability, properties, resilience or simply the behavior in the environment intended for their application. A climate cabinet helps to detect possible problems and allows to correct them even before the production stage.

The acquisition of two new climate cabinets, which can be used to simulate various scenarios, will significantly speed up quality testing at the Hamburg-based company. In addition to different humidity values, the stationary CTS climate cabinet can also be used to test the operation of products or individual components over a longer period of time at rapid frequency and at temperatures of -70 to +180 (-94 °F to 356 °F) degrees Celsius maximum. Furthermore, the hardware developers of Garz & Fricke can also carry out smaller test series directly at the workplace with a mobile cooling incubator from Binder, which covers a temperature range of -10 to +100 (14 °F to 212 °F) degrees Celsius.

"As our products and solutions are developed and produced at our headquarter in Hamburg, we are able to ensure the highest product quality in preliminary stages of serial production", explains Maik Hölzel, Head of Electronic Engineering at Garz & Fricke. "The new cabinets will accelerate and expand our qualification tests during development".

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