News - 03.02.2020

Garz & Fricke launches new generation of 4.3 inch HMIs


Santino LT 4.3"

More processing power and faster graphics for industrial environments

The modernization of the 4.3 inch HMIs is part of Garz & Fricke's standard product lifecycle management. To enable the solutions to be used in even more applications in the future, two SBC families were implemented for the upgrade: NALLINO was optimized for low power consumption and cost-sensitive projects. The manufacturer developed SANTINO LT for more demanding UI and UX concepts.

At the start of the series, both variants are "rear mount" products. They are particularly easy to integrate, as the front of a device to be equipped only needs to have a rectangular cut-out and four threads for screw connection. The products are mainly used in the field of laboratory or medical technology, e.g. in table centrifuges or measuring instruments. The well-known additional designs "Panel Mount" and "Flush Mount" will follow later in 2020.

New processors and improved displays

The new processors of the current i.MX6 generation, which Garz & Fricke is now using for its new 4.3 inch HMIs, bring significant improvements. "The customer benefits from more performance of the CPU and GPU", Stephan Meyer-Loges, Product Manager Embedded Systems, describes the advantages of the new product version. "The current version also has a longer product life cycle and offers greater efficiency". Since a current generation of single board computers is being installed, the lifecycle of the new product line will begin virtually from scratch, according to Stephan Meyer-Loges. As a result, customers' investments are protected in the long term.

In the new product variant, Garz & Fricke uses improved displays with high brightness and resistant touchscreens. The new series of 4.3 inch HMIs features a High Brightness Display with up to 576 cd/m² as well as a Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen, which is particularly resistant to interference. The displays are easy to read even under difficult ambient and visibility conditions, for example in indirect sunlight.

Various application scenarios can be easily implemented

The NALLINO and SANTINO LT variants differ in the processors and the graphics unit used. NALLINO is based on the low power processor i.MX6ULL and does not offer 3D graphics acceleration. SANTINO LT works with a single or dual core i.MX6 processor with a higher clock frequency and 3D graphics acceleration.

"With the low power version NALLINO we explicitly address the market for price sensitive applications", explains Sascha Ullrich, Head of Sales. "The solution also offers the possibility of an upgrade to SANTINO LT. This means that the computing power as well as the graphics performance can be easily scaled according to customer requirements. In this way, we can react flexibly to customer requirements at any time".

At Garz & Fricke a multitude of interfaces is part of the platform concept. As a standard, both product variants are delivered ex works with numerous interfaces to meet the most common customer requirements. These include: 100 Mbit Ethernet, up to 2 USB 2.0, RS485, CAN, RS232, GPIO, uSD card.

The products NALLINO and SANTINO LT are designed as "General Purpose Devices" and are suitable for many different applications. Due to their immunity to interference and robustness, the new HMIs from Garz & Fricke are ideally suited for use in almost all industrial environments.

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