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infas quo study: girocard payment during corona period

Bezahlen in Zeiten von Corona

The IDZ (Initiative Deutsche Zahlungssysteme e.V.), an association of which Garz & Fricke is a member for many years, has commissioned an online survey from the market research institute ‘infas quo’ in context of the Corona crisis. The study provides interesting insights regarding the changing payment behaviour in Germany.

Trend to card and contactless

The representative infas quo survey commissioned by the IDZ reveals: Even almost three months after the start of the first distance regulations, the people still increasingly use cards and contactless payment at the cash desk. The market research institute also found out through regular online surveys that the motivation of the population to pay by card remains the same as the number of infections decreases. Currently, almost half of all payments are processed by girocard.

Younger as well as older customers change their behaviour in particular

The strongest change in behaviour is found among 16 to 39 year olds and also among respondents aged 60 and over. The age group between 16 and 29 years states that more than 50 percent of their last ten purchases were paid with girocard. Compared to mid-April, this is 26 percent more. The usage among the 30 to 39 year olds increased by 17 percent. The increase is also significant among people over 60 years of age (16 percent). Even if the older generation is often considered to be more cash affine, one third state that they currently use the girocard (significantly) more often. At the same time, 86 percent of the over-60s state that they know girocard contactless and 63 percent have already heard about the digital girocard in their smartphone.

Contactless payment is gaining significance

According to the study, a third of those respondents (34 percent) also state that they intend to use the contactless function more frequently in the future. The pandemic seems to give a considerable boost to the use of contactless payment. It can be assumed that customers who have once made contactless payments will recognize the advantages of the fast, easy processes and will not want to miss them in the future.

The trend will not change as the number of infections decreases

The study also shows that this is a sustainable trend. This is confirmed by the information provided by the respondents on their payment motivation. Parallel to the, fortunately, declining infection figures in recent weeks, the original motivation of many to use the card out of caution has changed. For example, by the end of April, 67 percent of those surveyed said that they were using card payment out of respect for the checkout staff, the figure is now about one out of two. A different argument now stands out. The reasons "I can always pay appropriately" (27 percent) and "simply because I feel like it" (14 percent) are mentioned much more frequently.

KarL4 - Our solution for contactless payment

With KarL4, Garz & Fricke offers an easy to implement contactless payment terminal for the girocard. KarL4 is a terminal without PIN pad (TOPP). It enables your customers to pay contactless amounts up to 50 € without PIN entry, securely and intuitively with girocard. KarL4 uses Near Field Communication (NFC) for data transmission. This results in a very customer-friendly handling: Take out the card, insert and pay.

KarL4 can optionally be combined with our touch display HMI's, if required even as a highly individual complete module tailored to your requirements. Quality "Made in Germany", approved by the German Banking Industry (DK). Benefit from our many years of experience in the development and production of more than 100.000 card payment systems.

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