News - 20.10.2017

New one-piece flow production now up to 32 inches

One-Piece-Flow production

The one-piece flow production method is now in use at Garz & Fricke for screens over 27 inches diagonal in size. At Garz & Fricke, the one-piece flow concept with integrated functional testing has become the standard for manufacturing. The process means high productivity and very low processing times.

Despite the large variety of models, Garz & Fricke now produces 80% of all HMIs from 4.3 to 27 inches using this concept. This range has been expanded further with the commissioning of a production island for large devices.

The new laminar flow ceiling system provides the necessary clean environment needed for assembling very large input devices with dimensions up to 200 x 150 cm. Here as well, the one-piece flow concept is used. Functional testing and packaging are also integrated in the production island. The new 32-inch automation panels are currently being produced here.

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