News - 02.03.2020

The donor's heart beats digitally


Matthias Fricke explains our new product concept DONATIFIER and donates for Viva con Agua.

Garz & Fricke present a new concept for a cashless donation box at the embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg: DONATIFIER is the working title of the project, which integrates both an HMI and the contactless payment system KarL4 from Garz & Fricke. The application and connectivity were also specially designed for use at fundraising events. It will be presented at booth 240 in hall 2.

Creative development areas have always been important pillars for the success of Garz & Fricke. The in-house think tank has produced numerous solutions that are now successfully used in the IoT environment. Always open to new ideas and projects, Garz & Fricke recently participated in the Cross Innovation Lab, a format of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. This format brings together industry partners and creative people from a wide range of fields to talk to each other, work together and also to develop new innovative product ideas.

The cashless donation hat

With the DONATIFIER a cashless donation box was created, which completely integrates the contactless payment system KarL4, an HMI and an application from Garz & Fricke. The solution can be used at different locations for fundraising campaigns of different kinds.

Installed at a public place, the DONATIFIER can, for example, collect donations for a charitable purpose contactlessly by card. The projects can be determined individually - be it a donation for planting new trees, building wells or providing immediate aid to areas affected by drought.

At embedded world, the DONATIFIER will be providing information and collecting donations for the Hamburg-based NGO Viva Con Agua, thereby supporting access to clean drinking water worldwide.

But the DONATIFIER can also be used in your favourite pub, where bands entertain guests with live music. Up to now, the obligatory hat is usually worn when the mood is good and the guests are satisfied. It was often passed on without a contribution because there was not enough change in the pockets of the guests. The excuse no longer counts. With the DONATIFIER, small amounts can now be donated contactlessly by Girocard.

Even in the neighbourhood, the cashless donation box can be set up to collect money for a project - be it a new swing on the playground around the corner, a bank to rest for senior citizens or the planting of beds.

What will happen with the DONATIFIER?

At the embedded world trade fair, Garz & Fricke will present a prototype of the DONATIFIER, but the combination of an information terminal and a donation box is only one concept - albeit with a lot of potential. At any rate, the developers and the creative minds behind the idea share this conviction. How to proceed with the idea still needs to be discussed. The team of Garz & Fricke is looking forward to hearing your opinions and suggestions at the fair.

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