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Linutronix GmbH

Linutronix GmbH is a consulting and development company specialized on (Embedded-) Linux and real-time Linux. Linutronix is your partner for tailoring Linux, developing drivers, industrial field-buses and, of course, of graphics driver including hardware accelerated features.

Hypervisor – we offer jailhouse, an open source developed hypervisor with real-time capabilities. Jailhouse supports homogenous as well as heterogeneous multi-core SoCs. And Jailhouse is able to be certified in security and safety environments.

We offer a Embedded Linux Build Environment – ELBE -, which allows you to generate your Linux in each flavour for your hardware, without the need of cross compiling. ELBE is available for MS Windows as well.

We are participant of Yocto – if you want to use Yocto as your solution for the build system, we are the right partner for you.

Ask for our sophisticated IDE for Linux, for kernel, driver and application program development. Based on open source technology, namely Eclipse.

Tracing and performance tools – we offer solutions tailored explicitly for the embed-ded market. Obviously, these tools, based on kernel functions and therefore without any modification on your software, might be used for “normal” Linux applications as well.

We offer training courses, built of standard components or defined and arranged exclusively for you. For developers and managers.

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