RMA Procedure

How to request an RMA number

  • Please request an RMA number by completing the following form and sending it to us.
  • We ask you to indicate the product name and the respective error description in your RMA request.
  • Our Customer Service team will then assign you an RMA number and provide you with more information about the RMA.

Request RMA number

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

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  • How long can my product be repaired?

    Normally, the products can be repaired for at least 5 years after sale. It also depends on the product (for example, due to the use of customized parts) and can be obtained from the RMA department.

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  • What is the warranty period for repairs?

    The warranty period for repairs is 12 months.

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  • How much is a repair?

    It depends on the product and the detected error.

    Repair flat rates are defined for all common products that can be requested from the RMA department.

    The fee for a device check incl. software update are 48.50 EUR, which are at least, if no error is detected or the device settings have been adjusted by the customer.

    If the defect is covered by the warranty, Garz & Fricke will cover the repair costs.

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  • I want to have a Garz & Fricke product repaired that I bought from a distributor, what do I have to do?

    Please contact your distributor, he will take care of the repair process. Garz & Fricke can only repair devices for customers who have bought the products directly from us.

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  • I received an RMA number from the RMA department. What do I have to do now?

    Pack the product carefully and enclose a detailed description of the problem. Write the RMA number on the outside of the box and send it to the address:

    Garz & Fricke GmbH
    Schlachthofstrasse 20
    D-21079 Hamburg

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  • How long is the warranty period for the products?

    The warranty period is according to our terms and conditions 12 months from the date of delivery, unless a longer warranty period has been contractually agreed.

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  • How long does it take to repair a product?

    The standard repair turnaround time is 10 working days + shipping time. The shipping time abroad may be affected by national holidays, customs clearance, etc.

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  • What should I do if I want to have a product repaired?

    Please contact the RMA department by e-mail: rma@garz-fricke.com or by phone: +49 40 79 18 99 42 and tell us the serial number of the product. (These can be found on the rating plate for standard products on the back of the device). There you may receive an RMA number.

    Alternatively, you can submit your RMA request via our online form. You can find this here: Request RMA number

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