HMIs and Panel PCs for laboratory and medical technology

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The development of medical and laboratory devices is subject to the most exacting requirements in terms of quality, safety and long-term availability. Today complete human machine interfaces from Garz & Fricke, as well as functional components such as single-board computers, are deployed in medical and laboratory devices developed in compliance with the stringent specifications of the standards

DIN EN 60601-1 or 61010-1. If this is to function properly, we have to take certain measures as a matter of course, among them are systematic quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and production conforming to DIN EN 13485.

Garz & Fricke supplies a broad range of HMls with scalable performance for a great variety of demands by using energy-efficient ARM processors with long-term market availability. This means that they are ideally suited for use in medical devices and laboratory instruments.

As a manufacturer, you benefit from the use of predeveloped modules thanks to a reduction

in development time, which then allows you to concentrate on integration into the product when selecting the appropriate HMls. We will be pleased to help you in this task.

Adapted solutions based on different integration options (panel/rear or flush mount] make it possible to achieve an individual and high-quality level of integration into your final product. Hygiene plays a crucial role when using devices in the medical and laboratory environment.

Garz & Fricke HMls with their touchscreen displays and including, e.g. a flush-mounted glass front make it possible to develop an optimum product concept that allows for simple hygienic preparation of the devices.

Lifecycle Mangement

In contrast to consumer orientatded IT hardware we guarantee our customers long-term-availability for our medical embedded products (typically 10 years and morel in terms of mechanical, electrical and functional compability. This is accompanied by appropriate lifecycle-management which includes

  • Prototype programme
  • PCN (Product Change Notification)
  • EOL (End-of-Life Notification)


Kay Lemke

„You are currently developing a new medical device or laboratory device and are looking for a human-machine interface based on a touch display combination? I would like to understand your requirements and talk to you about possible solutions. I look forward to your call: +49 (0) 40 791 899 – 269 or by email at:“ Kay Lemke Vertical Sales Manager Med|Lab|Healthcare