The intelligent vending machine

Smart vending solutions for the Internet of Things

Where goods or services have to be provided on-site, cost-effectively and quickly, vending machines have long been the first choice. The requirements for their operation, however, have changed fundamentally. In the IoT (Internet of Things) machines become platforms for controlling offers, accessing rewards, advertising and thus represent a new means of creating customer loyalty.

Large format, attractive touch displays as well as dialogue-oriented sales and payment processes are another prerequisite along with intelligent, network-capable control systems and HMIs. They enable energy-efficient operation of the machine peripherals, the transfer of sales data into the cloud via telemetry, the interconnection of established and contactless payment systems, and the integration of mobile devices and machines with one another via an app.

Whether as classical goods vending machines, ticket or pay and display machines, kiosk solution, payment terminal or charging-station - dialogue oriented sales and payment processes, loyalty functions, e-couponing and smart advertising are key developments of our time. They enable the operator to achieve additional sales and acquire new customers.

With its smart vending products, Garz & Fricke enables these opportunities to be seized. HMI systems suitable for outdoor use with MDB and telemetry capability as well as payment systems such as the KarL card reader with antenna make your vending machines fit for the future.

The cloud-based telemetry solution G&F Connect enables you to keep your machines in view at all times and obtain current status and sales information. G&F Connect thus provides an effective means of integrating your machines into the Internet of Things.

Welcome to the Garz & Fricke world of smart vending!

State-of-the-art vending machines

From mechanical machines to modern smart vending systems

The demand for vending machines with user-friendly guidance is becoming increasingly important. Today‘s vending machine operators are facing users who expect the machines to employ modern touch technology.

What are the main differences between a classical machine, as can still be found in large numbers in the field, and a modern user-friendly smart vending system?

The design of classic vending machines is usually characterized by the use of

  • small monochrome, character-based displays
  • mechanical keypads for product selection,
  • controlled by a microcontroller

The first option is to design an improved system where the HMI is connected to an already existing controller via a COM interface. System management and payment operations will continue to be managed via the controller board. This offers:

  • a graphically designed user interface with touch technology
  • a modern look & feel

The ultimate and preferable way to design a modern smart vending design is to replace the old control system with a Garz & Fricke HMI. This means:

  • the HMI contains all the system intelligence. It handles the graphic user guidance, product management, payment-systems and machine communication
  • only a small I/O board is needed to control the dispensing of the goods
  • it opens up an easy way to the Internet of Things.

The MDB manager - the software library for an easy interaction

Internal Sales-Team

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