HMI touch panels for commercial kitchen equipment

Providing HMIs for the professional kitchen industry is what Garz & Fricke is best known for and it has been our focus for a decade. Lean on our specific experience of providing touch screen input systems for professional kitchen equipment that can stand up to extreme demands such as steam, heat, water, grease or harsh cleaners.

Using our reliable Embedded Touch HMI platforms and based on your requirements we design and produce HMIs exactly as you need them. We achieve outstanding quality standards by pre-screening every product for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) at our production facility in Hamburg, Germany.

We integrate our HMIs systems seamlessly into professional and commercial

  • Coffee Machines
  • Fryers
  • Ovens
  • Ice cream machines
  • Drink dispensers
  • Freezers
  • Fridges
  • and many more.

Let us know how we can help make it yours and get in touch with us.


More than 25 years of experience

+ 10 Years Availability and Support

Made in Germany

The advantages of choosing our Industrial Panel PC


By using our proven concepts and flexible platforms, we can quickly tailor hardware to your specific needs. If your time is short and you need software development help, we offer that, too. If software development expertise is needed we also offer engineering services to fully realize your application’s potential. Garz & Fricke’s goal is to be your one stop embedded touchscreen panel provider allowing you to do whatever it is you do best.

Hygienic touch screen implementation

Our innovative manufacturing processes enables us to insert the touch screens of our HMIs into your systems without any gaps or edges. For this task, we use a specially developed bonding robot which closes the joints cleanly. Thus we prevent gaps that are a potential hygiene risk.

EMC pre-approved devices & connectivity

We offer reliable hardware development, also in EMC. Garz & Fricke’s longstanding experience in the areas of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and standardized module EMC tests allow effortless and reliable compliance with the strict FCC Part 15 requirements, even Class B. At the same time, our products are prepared for use in IoT environments and offer a range of interfaces such as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, PoE and Ethernet. Security components such as Secure Elements are also available in our proven concepts.

Modular concept

Thanks to our proven platform concept, we can provide you with just the right solution for different models within your product program without having to start from scratch during development. We offer scalable solutions as our SBCs can be used for different types of HMIs and are therefore easy to adapt to new requirements.

Obsolescence Management (Sourcing)

Our specialists have excellent knowledge of the global supply market for electronic components. We select only the best partners to ensure long-term availability and just-in-time conditions. We select suppliers from all over the world and carry out the audits ourselves at the manufacturers sites.

Touch adaption and handling with gloves

Modern capacitive touch controllers that work on the PCAP principle essentially have to include important properties for use in the industrial environment, such as EMC immunity, full functionality even under the influence of rainwater and operability with gloves. In order to guarantee optimum functionality, however, appropriate fine tuning of the controller is actually necessary for every application.

The new Remote Touch System

You are looking for a touch screen solution that can be operated by a user without ever physically touching the glass surface? As an answer to the increase in demand for safe solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed a solution that allows safe control of a device via an end user phone without downloading apps or having to connect to a specific wireless network. See what can be made possible here: Remote Touch System


How we make it yours

We will work with you from the start and throughout your full product life cycle to find a solution that fits your ideas, budget and potential constraints. Throughout the project our dedicated, local solutions engineering team will work directly with your engineers. Our long experience in project management and a strong commitment to serving markets locally will benefit you greatly.


Our products are to be seen as customizable proven concepts, based on components that have already proven themselves many times on the market in our customers' applications. These components are optimally tuned to keep your life as easy as possible. True to our motto "we make it yours", we transform our Proven Concept into your very own solution. Relying on our proven concepts also means that we manage obsolescence and ensure the availability of your HMI throughout your life cycle. Garz & Fricke’s goal is to be your one-stop embedded touchscreen panel provider allowing you to do whatever it is you do best.


Understanding that championing in Hardware and Software Development is not enough to create the perfect touch screen HMI sets us apart. We have our mechanical design team that works closely with you to ensure seamless integration into your device as well as cost-efficient manufacturability and serviceability.


We can adapt our Garz & Fricke single board computers to your requirements. Our focus is on the 32-bit ARM CPUs from NXP, especially i.mx6 and i.mx8. As a long-standing Freescale/NXP partner, we can offer optimal support. Our customizable hardware platforms allow very simple and quick adaptions to make sure we provide you with exactly the interfaces you need without reinventing the wheel.


We relieve you from the integration bootloader and operating system. We supply complete, "application-ready" platforms with ready-to-run pre-integrated operating systems, including the required peripheral drivers. As a result, your team will not be busy with the tedious work of creating a board support package. Further, we can do full UI/UX application development for you as well or work with your teams to make sure your applications run well.


As a company, we have a strong engineering background, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about product design. In many projects, we are working closely with industrial designers to create an overall appealing product. We believe working alongside your designers is a big part of making it yours!


Serial production for us starts with sourcing. We buy almost all parts directly from manufacturers and have our own sourcing offices in the relevant markets to ensure the best prices and highest supplier quality. We pride ourselves on an exceptionally high vertical integration of manufacturing. Assembly of both PCBA as well as touch screen HMI is done in house in Hamburg, Germany.


Arne Dethlefs

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"You are faced with the challenge of developing a new HMI solution for your application? Then our sales team is happy to support you with engineering jointly a tailor-made system concept based on the latest technologies for this target market. We are looking forward to your call or e-mail."

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Human Machine Interfaces - Touch control reinvented

Extended hygienic operation: Experience how easy you can control commercial kitchen equipment with the quickly deployable Remote Touch solution.

Duration: 01:11 Min.

What is a Human-Machine Interface?

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or control unit that allows people to interact with a machine, system or device. While the term can be applied technically to any technical possibility that enables a user to interact with a device, an HMI is most often used in connection with an embedded touch panel, which has a display, touch screen and a corresponding computer unit.