Human Machine Interfaces – Touch control reinvented

We asked ourselves: How can touch controls play their part in reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading?

The touch displays of our modern HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) are already hygienically easy to clean and therefore offer a great advantage over mechanical buttons and operating elements.

The hygienic advantage can now be further increased by eliminating even the last touch on the human machine interface. This is made possible by the new Remote Touch System - RTS for short - of the Garz & Fricke Group.

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The remote control for Embedded Touch HMI

We enable end users to operate a device without having to touch the built-in touch display. Instead of operating a vending machine via the integrated touch panel, this is now just as well possible via smartphones. The end result is a remote touch pad or, depending on the version, a touch-sensitive remote control.

The end user device is connected via QR codes. The QR code is applied as a sticker directly on the machine or is alternatively shown on its display. The user scans the code and thus selects the machine to be operated. It is not necessary to install an app on the user's machine. Instead, a connection between the machine and the smartphone is established without further interaction.

A web app is then used for the actual operation of the machine.

In the simplest version, only the touches are registered and forwarded to the machine - just like a touchpad. For this purpose, the user's smartphone displays more or less only an area in the web browser, the "touch field" for machine interaction. A small arrow or a hand symbol in the display of the machine indicates where the cursor on the user device is currently located. Now the user can intuitively control and click on buttons. The cursor movement is controlled intuitively, just like a touchpad on a notebook, just wireless.

For an optimized user experience, a more complex interface can be implemented in which the smartphone displays the screen content of the vending machine in a fashion optimized for mobile use. The contents of the HMI are then given a counterpart - for example a labeled button - in the web interface on the cell phone. The user receives a visual feedback from the button both on his phone and the vending machine. This is how the Garz & Fricke Group implements an intuitively usable and self-explanatory remote control.

The Remote Touch System (RTS) is technically realized as a software package, which can be integrated into current and future developments of Garz & Fricke. The basis of the RTS is a minimal web server that delivers a special web interface to the smartphone. This interface is used to register the touch events and pass them on to the machine.

The universal touchpad solution

Experience how easy you can control a vending machine with the quickly deployable Remote Touch solution.

Duration: 00:43 min.

Customized GUI

Machine operation can be that easy with a customized Remote Touch user interface.

Duration: 00:39 min.

Application areas of our innovative Remote Touch solution

Professional kitchen equipment

Professional kitchen equipment must meet the highest demands in every aspect. In addition to rough handling, it must be easy to clean and often resist coarse cleaning agents, direct spray water and steam.

Smart Vending

Vending machines are the first choice to provide goods or services on-site quickly and cost-effectively. In the Internet of Things, vending machines are becoming platforms for controlling offers, rewards, advertisements and therefore a method of customer retention.

Medical and laboratory equipment

In the development of laboratory and medical equipment, the highest demands are placed on quality, safety and long-term availability. Our Human Machine Interfaces are developed and used according to strict specifications.

Industrial automation

From a single processor to complex multicore systems, the highest availability and reliability in rough industrial environments are our daily business. Requirements such as real-time capability or use in an extended temperature range are also possible.

Building and safety technology

Security technology includes access and monitoring systems as well as fire extinguishing, fire and lightning protection systems. Building technology ranges from individual heating, ventilation and shade systems to complex, cross-building air-conditioning systems.

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What is a Human-Machine Interface?

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or control unit that allows people to interact with a machine, system or device. While the term can technically be applied to any possibility that enables a user to interact with a device, the term HMI is often used with regards to an embedded touch panel, consisting of a display, touch screen and a computer unit.