Single Board Computer



CPU Type: i.MX6Solo
RAM: 512 MB 32 bit DDR3L
CAN: 1x CAN (ISO/DIS 11898)
CPU Type: i.MX6DualLite
RAM: 1 GB 32 bit DDR3L
CAN: 1x CAN (ISO/DIS 11898) galvanic isolated

The optimized single board computer (SBC) for your project from 5.7 to 10.4 inches. With the i.MX6 single or dual core lite ARM processor and many industrial interfaces, as well as USB and Ethernet, this embedded board is the best choice for many projects. For a touch display SANTINO provides a TTL and I²C interface and the wide range voltage input as well as the installed Linux operating system make this board ready-to-use. Based on this SBC we offer many human machine interfaces off-the-shelf, for configuration options and adaptations please contact us.

Product Status: Active

Hardware and Technical Information


CPU Type x1: i.MX6Solo
x2L: i.MX6DualLite
Core Class ARM Cortex - A9
Core Clock 1 GHz
Cache L1 cache: 32 KB for instruction and data caches per core; 512 KB L2 cache
HW Accelerators OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.0, Open VG 1.1
RTC Accuracy: +/- 30 ppm at 25°C


Memory 4 GB MLC eMMC
RAM x1: 512 MB 32 bit DDR3L
x2L: 1 GB 32 bit DDR3L
SD-Card Slot 4 bit MMC/SDIO/SD/SDHC

Operating Systems

Supported OS Windows EC 7/2013 on request, Android, Linux Yocto

Communication Interfaces

Network 1x 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet (RJ-45)
USB 1x 480 Mbit/s Host (Type A), 1x 480 Mbit/s OTG (Type Micro-AB)
CAN x1: 1x CAN (ISO/DIS 11898)
x2L: 1x CAN (ISO/DIS 11898) galvanic isolated
RS-485 x1: 1x RS-485 (Full duplex)
x2L: 1x RS-485 (Full duplex) galvanic isolated
RS-232 2x RS-232 (RX/TX/CTS/RTS)
Synchronous Serial Interface I²C
Matrix Keyboard Matrix Keyboard up to 4 x 4
Misc x1: n/a
x2L: DIP Switch for CAN/RS485 termination


Speaker output 1x speaker (connector), 1.5 W RMS (8Ω) parallel to internal speaker
Audio Internal 1x speaker connector

Device Dimensions

W x H x D 138.0 x 18.0 x 80.0 mm
Weight 97g

Power Supply

Supply Nom. 9 to 32 V DC
Consumption Typ. 2.0 W; max. 19.6 W

Typical Environmental Conditions

Storage Temp. -20...+70 °C
Operating Temp. 0...+60 °C
Humidity 5 to 90 % RH

Display and Touch

Display Interface TTL, 18 bit (RGB)
Touch Interface PCAP I²C
Backlight Interface +5 V, PWM

Order Information

Order Code x1: 10602
x2L: 900-3772R
Starter-Kit Order Code x2L: 20603


Last product import: July 12, 2021