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Contactless payment made simple with KarL4

Mobile payments by plastic card or in the digital version on a smartphone are booming. By the end of 2020 some 80 million girocards will have been converted to contactless payment.

KarL4 is the new contactless payment terminal for girocard from Garz & Fricke. KarL4 is a contactless-only reader (COR). It enables your customers to make payments for amounts up to EUR 50 in a secure and intuitive manner from their girocard debit card without having to enter a PIN. KarL4 uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to transfer data. This leads to very customer-friendly handling: simply pull out the card, position it and pay.

KarL4 can be optionally combined with our touch display HMIs and, on request, can even be tailored to your requirements as a highly individual complete module. Quality “Made in Germany”, approved by the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC). Benefit from our many years of experience in the development and production of more than 100,000 card payment systems.

KarL4 reader
KarL4 reader
Karl4 Controller
KarL4 controller
Low height
Low height of the reader
installed controller
KarL4 controller when installed

KarL4 makes it easy for you

One single source of supply

From the hardware via the software through to payment management - we make it as easy as possible for you to use KarL4. If required, we can offer you support on the design, with the integration and - thanks to our large portfolio of HMIs - on the application development as well:

  • One partner for the entire management process: connectivity, payment processing and terminal management.
  • No need for a range of different contracts, e.g. with payment service providers or mobile network operators
  • Support from our team in Hamburg

Individual integration

If required, we will offer you support with hardware integration or also with software issues.

  • Optionally upgradable with graphic display, touch, Bluetooth®, LAN
  • Individual design: e.g. reader combined with an HMI behind glass

Easy installation

Fast and flexible installation of the reader unit and the separate controller:

  • Only four holes are needed for fastening the reader unit to the case of your device
  • High security - No large opening needed in housing, thus preventing unwanted intrusion
  • Protected against vandalism and weather - controller is located inside the housing of the device

Automatic commissioning

Consistent implementation of the Plug & Play concept saves time and costs

  • Automatic commissioning - Karl4 is instantly ready for operation
  • No additional software necessary
  • Modem onboard - no network administration necessary

Connectivity included

The integrated LTE modem and the SIM chip mean that KarL4 is instantly ready for operation.

  • No additional SIM card necessary
  • Fast transaction times
  • Sturdy design - perfect for use in a harsh environment

Secure age verification

Garz & Fricke has a pioneering and leading role in the use of readers for age verification:

  • More than 100,000 cashless payment systems with age verification on the market
  • Suitable for access control to areas with an age restriction
  • Ideal for all devices that require an 18+ check
Kay Lemke

Kay Lemke

Sales Manager KarL4

"We have developed a system that is simple to use and integrate. Thanks to KarL4, all of your customers can make contactless payments. In addition to payment systems, our broad product range enables us to offer you HMIs, software or a solution tailored exactly to meet your needs. Simply arrange an appointment with me or call in on us in Hamburg. I look forward to hearing from you."

Kay Lemke    +4940791899269

Applications for KarL4

Universal and suitable for all groups of customers


Barrier-free standardization of payment standards with systems such as girocard is one of the federal German government’s aims. With KarL4 you will reach 80 million customers throughout Germany.

Access systems

Contactless payment by card without a PIN is especially beneficial in public facilities such as washrooms or toilets. It eliminates the need to count out change.

Vending machines / vending sector

In the vending sector, even very small amounts can be billed for selling snacks and drinks, allowing for full pricing flexibility when using KarL4.

Parking and ticket machines

Parking columns and ticket machines in particular need a barrier-free payment system, and this is where the strengths of KarL4 really pay off.

Filling stations & car washes

Paying with coins at charging stations, card loaders, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners is both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Simply install KarL4 and say farewell to handling cash.


Automation of ordering and payment in the catering sector is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage - KarL4 makes the payment operation easy and transparent.


Whether for photo booths, charging stations, photocopiers, washing machines, stamp dispensers or showers - KarL4 is easy for all users to operate.


Technical data

Contactless chipcard
Supported standardISO 18092 (NFC)
Controller with housing85 mm x 90 mm x 18 mm (L x B x H)
Contacting unittbd.
Reader98 mm x 98 mm x 13 mm (L x B x H)
Machine interfaceMDB/IPC Level 02/03 (optional USB)
Telemetry / mobile network4G Modem
Customer interfaceRFID, with display featuring 4x green LEDs
Machine display
Service interfaces2 input buttons for settings, 2 LEDs red/green for status display, acoustic signal
1 modem status green
1 RFID error red
Power supply
Operating voltage8,0 V bis 42,5 V DC
Current consumption during operationTyp. 40mA (at 13,8V)
Software update
 via mobile network
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature-25 to +70 °C
Humidityup to 100 %
Modem antennaPlanar array for LTE/GSM 700-960/1575-2700 LC 200cm (090-0899R)
Adhesive mount antenna for LTE/GSM 700-960/1700-2700 LC 150cm (090-0995R)
contactless girocard

About contactless girocard

The girocard (formerly known as the EC card) is the most widespread payment card in Germany. By the end of 2020, some 80 million girocards will be contactless. The girocard complies with the highest security standards of the German Banking Industry Committee. NFC technology, which makes secure contactless payment possible, is the hub for new applications that make the girocard even smarter and more convenient to use.

  • Just hold it up to the terminal to make a payment.
  • Time for the payment operation is reduced to a matter of seconds!
  • Amounts of up to EUR 50 can generally be paid without a PIN or signature.

Find out more

Product video

Take a look at our product film to see how easy the new KarL4 system can be integrated into your device and how easy it is to make payments with the terminal without a PIN pad.

Duration: 03:30 Min.