VMC Accessories

Garz & Fricke’s range of vending machine accessories spans telemetry modules and servicing tools as well as replacement keypads and TFT displays.


All in one Servicetool Automat

Programming and servicing tool for vending and dispensing machine technologies. This all-in-one vending machine servicing tool replaces a multitude of manufacturer-specific programming boxes. It offers interfaces for cable updates, infrared, MDB master and slave and USB. The all-in-one servicing tool enables you to programme banknote readers, cash card terminals, coin changers, cash card transactions and controllers. What’s more, this all-in-one servicing tool enables you to test, service and run diagnostics on banknote readers, cash card terminals and coin changers. The all-in-one servicing tool can be used on machines on site and from the workshop.

Product Status: Active

Hardware and specifications

Last product import: May 15, 2019