Case studies

Case studies in the overview

You would like to learn more, where our HMIs have been integrated successfully? What were the exact requirements, which way have special challenges been solved? How did the interaction between Hard-and Software during the implementation process run? How had the cooperation between Garz & Fricke, technology-partners and the customer been setup? You will find the answers in the case studies below, which might help you to find the perfect solution for you forthcoming HMI-projects.

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The new FUJI SMD pick and place machines

Highest precision on the production line

"Before we switched to the new system, we sometimes had days when we only manufactured one side of a board. We couldn't pass on finished single board computers to the following process such as testing. Now we can break batches down into smaller runs, allowing us to build and test in one shift." read more here

Christian Gillmann, Team coordinator assembly production Garz & Fricke

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20210118_Case_Study_Fuji_EN.pdf PDF 3 MB

HMIs in the Smart City - the lantern of the modern age

The all-weather HMI in a "smart" outdoor application

"We were looking for a display together with a control computer to meet our demands in terms of robustness when facing the weather, heat and even rough treatment. It wasn’t easy, and many companies were quickly ruled out because they were unable to offers sufficient protection for the display and the electronics. Not until we found Garz & Fricke did we have a supplier able to meet all our wishes." read more here

Nadine Hofmann, Managing Director of Leipziger Leuchten

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Anwenderbericht-E_und_E_K19_D_und_HMI_GuF.pdf PDF 228 KB

Plug and play to counter obsolescence

Operation and visualization

"We were able to equip the existing system with the new HMI while entirely avoiding a redesign. The solution that has now emerged for Feutron will remain in our portfolio for at least seven years, or for as long as the chip manufacturer continues to sell its CPU and provide it with drivers." read more here

Daniel Höser, Field Sales Engineer, Garz & Fricke

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CaseStudy_PC_und_Industrie_10-2018.pdf PDF 1 MB

LINUX-QT - Reduced workload for GUI developers

Rapid project implementation with Linux and QT as illustrated by a connected vending machine

“Even with no QML experience, the training does not take long. You can start implementing the first good projects fairly quickly.” read more here

Christoph Kutzera, Sales Engineer, Garz & Fricke

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Anwenderbericht | Linux-QT-Entwicklung 2905201 PDF 2 MB

Mobile “Curasul®” therapy unit from BSN medical GmbH with power-saving touch-display unit

Freedom of movement for the patient thanks to special technology

"Garz & Fricke blends seamlessly into the overall manufacturing process with its services and products. We obtain a system that has been tested extensively, can be implemented directly and is ready to run. In addition, Garz & Fricke also manages obsolescence for the components employed. This is a great advantage. The good level of cost-effectiveness was another argument for Garz & Fricke, as was the excellent and constructive working relationship. This also ran smoothly right from the introductory phase." read more here

Holger Panier, Authorized Signatory and Project Manager, CogniMed

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Case Study | BSN medical GmbH’s "Curasul®" therapeutic unit PDF 1 MB

The eye takes part in research too: Minifors 2 bioreactor

A perfect touchscreen interface for the laboratory and research environment

"Almost everyone today is familiar with touschscreen operation, and we wanted to find an operating option that would allay as many user fears as possible. We also wanted a display that not only matched our design but could also be accurately integrated. What’s more, Garz & Fricke supplied the Yocto already perfectly adapted to board and functions. There was no need for us to first learn how to create and convert certain functions, instead there are tools that take of that for us." read more here

Dirk Hebel, Product Manager at Infors HT

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Case Study | INFORS Bioreactor Minifors 2 PDF 992 KB

Resistive or capacitive - how modern touchscreens master the challenges in outdoor use

Shining brightly through thick and thin

"Damp and heat as well as severe cold are what our machines have to withstand, and the touch-sensitive screen is a particularly great challenge. Minimum rates of system downtime in the barely measurable range repeatedly confirm that we have selected the right partner in Garz & Fricke. At the same time, we use our own Linux-based systems and write much of the software ourselves. This is why it was especially important for us that the hardware and software interfaces should not only be open source but also very well documented." read more here

Elmar Schulte-Herweling, Bebarmatic

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Modern touchscreens meet the challenges of the outdoour PDF 742 KB