Resources for our embedded systems

Are you looking for background information on our systems and solutions? Here you will find it: Whether hardware, software or complete solutions from the field of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Embedded Panel PCs and touchscreens - our experienced specialists regularly create technical articles, application stories and videos on current technologies and trends. You will learn, for example, where and how our HMIs are already successfully integrated into interesting applications, what requirements there were and how they were implemented.

In our videos, our technical specialists explain what you will find in our starter kits and how the initial setup of the included components works. Or they explain in which designs the Garz & Fricke HMI systems are offered and how they are installed.

Additionally, you will also find various tutorials on the subject of software, which, for example, make the installation of an operating system child's play. If you need our current product catalog or industry-specific brochures: Simply download them here as PDF files.