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Whether it’s about hardware, software or complete human machine interface systems (HMIs), our well experienced specialists are regularly writing articles in cooperation with leading editors regarding currents trends and technologies. Topics which might help you to find the perfect solution for your forthcoming HMI-projects too.

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Operating and visualization

Operating safety of HMIs in medical and laboratory technology

In order to prevent or minimise incorrect entries by the operator, the software interface must be designed to be clear and easy to understand - as intuitive as possible. The input ranges of certain values can also be limited in order to reduce risk. Incorrect operation can lead to fatal situations with medical devices. Read more

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Tools & Software

Combination of Yocto and Qt creates future-proof embedded systems

Limited computing power, special interfaces and high demands on reliability make the programming of embedded systems demanding. Essentially, developers have the choice between various Linux-based systems excluding of course other more seldom-used base systems. However, off-the-peg systems only prove to be suitable in rare cases or increase production costs considerably. read more

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Long-term availability, good documentation and easy hygienic treatment

Long-term availability

As of May 25, 2017, the new EU MDR / 2017 and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulations IVDR / 2017 are valid and manufacturers of products subject to these regulations and related standards such as EN 60601-1 or EN 61010-1 , are currently in a transitional phase. more here

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HMI and user experience requires proven specialists for implementation

Human Machine Interface (HMI) plays a crucial role as an interface between man and machine

Usablility and user experience are not fads, but important features that contribute to the success of a device. If the user does not accept the device, it will not be successful and will not prevail on the market. One component that plays a crucial role in usability is the Human Machine Interface as an interface between man and machine. more here

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Displays and HMIs


Increasingly, displays are used not only for display, but also for interaction. If they are also networked and suitable for outdoor use, it requires special technology. The products of Garz & Fricke show how these look. more here

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SPECIAL IMAGE PROCESSING: Challenge Touch Controller Programming

Programmed sensitivity

Finger operation via touchscreens is the norm today - whether at the vending machine in the parking garage or when operating complex machines. In order for the touch-sensitive screens to work reliably under all conditions, the touch controllers must be individually programmed. more here

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Linux Systems: Software Development for Human Machine Interfaces

After all, the software products should be individual, performant and at the same time flexible and comprehensible.

A fully equipped kitchen with recipes for it offers the GNU / Linux based framework Yocto. more here

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Garz & Fricke offers the right HMI for every requirement

Embedded Systems as a basis for time and cost saving development of interactive, user-friendly operating systems

For its new MiniReactor, INFORS HT was looking for a matching control unit with an appealing surface, which fits visually into the device and can be operated intuitively. more here

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Five tips for selecting the components of an HMI system

In-house production or external procurement. This question arises in most cases at the beginning of a project start.

Whether a particular service or product should be better produced by external vendors or in-house depends on a variety of factors. more here

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