Conception (consulting)

  • Do you know exactly what kind of panel PC you want?
  • What is reachable and feasible within the given budget?
  • What is already there and what can you use? Most projects fail due to an inappropriate or inadequate specification!
  • We support you individually according to your requirements from the first idea to the finished series product over the entire product life cycle.
  • In close cooperation, we work together with you to develop the optimal solution for you in a holistic approach.
  • By pooling all resources within one site, the decision-making process is short and transparent from the concept to the finished product at any time.

We can completely take over for you

  • Project planning including milestone plan, schedule, resource plan, quality assurance plan and development plan.
  • Project monitoring for project progress, costs, deadlines, quality processes and documentation and releases.
  • Target costing and step-by-step cost estimates.
  • Self-documented project management using BCS-Projektron tools.