Mechanical Design

Here you literally decide whether and how well your product will last

Even most robust electronics must be protected against harmful environmental influences. If your product carries out mechanical functions, it is dependent on a functional and solid housing. In addition, additional aspects such as possible integration into larger systems, connection of further and external components, cooling, cost-effective manufacturability and serviceability have to be considered

All in all a highly complex topic, that has to be well coordinated with conceptual design and hardware development. It is quite beneficial to have both - the equipment and the know-how - under our umbrella at Garz & Fricke. So we can almost always create the mechanical prototypes cost-effectively and quickly in our own site, which is a nice side effect, too. And since the devil is well-known in detail, the later serial production benefits from the fact that the paths of improvement are particularly short and efficient here.

We cover all necessary steps and phases directly

  • Technology concept
  • 3D/CAD construction with SolidWorks
  • Prototyping
  • Functional analysis
  • Manufacturing/assembly concept
  • Construction FMEA
  • Manufacturer search & support (for tools and parts mechanics)