Serial production

We see ourselves as a supplier, which carries out as many production steps as possible in house in order to ensure both the quality of our products as well as a high flexibility.

Production steps at our site are

  • SMT
  • Fully automatic screen printing with automatic optical inspection
  • Assembly of all standard sizes and designs on 5 Juki KE2080 / 2070/2060/1080 machines.
  • Flexible line concept with different numbers of pieces and a variety of variants can be manufactured
  • Reflow soldering with Heller 1809 EXL Reflow oven, optionally under a nitrogen atmosphere
  • THT
  • Pin-in-Paste Technology
  • Selective soldering with Versaflow 345 system
  • Coating and grouting
  • Selective coating of circuit boards with Asymtek Century Selective painting system
  • Potting of assemblies
  • Test and verification
  • Automatic optical inspection with Goepel OptoCon AdvancedLine X30
  • In-circuit and functional test
  • High voltage test
  • Burn-in test
  • Device mounting
  • High flexibility with regard to number of pieces and unit sizes
  • Design of small series and prototypes
  • Flexible and fast component supply by Kanban concept
  • Assembly of small and medium series according to the one-piece flow concept on production islands including inline function test

Printed circuit boards are equipped with SMT and THT according to international recognized standards and quality guidelines. They are soldered in accordance with RoHS in a reflow oven or on a selective soldering system. On request, we can also varnish or seal assemblies completely or selectively. In addition, we assemble complete embedded systems (based on our PCBs) in housings. We place the emphasis on the assembly of HMI units with touchscreens, where we can deliver a wide range of display sizes.

In our serial production process we can react flexibly to technological requirements and can deliver devices which can stand even demanding environments. In our device assembly, we achieve the shortest throughput times through a component supply using kanban and production according to the one-piece flow concept. Due to this flexibility, we are able to deliver equipment even in the event of fluctuating quantities and short lead times. We can produce very small numbers and prototypes as quickly and reliably as small and medium series with up to 100 devices per day.

It is our approach to achieve the highest possible level of vertical integration for our products. This is to maintain and improve highest levels in flexibility and quality of our products. Therefore we are permanently further developing our production technologies and investing in both, further training of our employees as well as further development of our production systems.