Software Development

Trust your core competencies

So do we. And relieve you of the tedious bootloader and operating system integration. We supply complete, "application-ready" platforms with ready-to-run pre-integrated operating systems, including the required peripheral drivers. As a result, the tedious creation of Board Support Packages (BSPs) is a thing of the past.

Trust the decades of experience of the specialists of Garz & Fricke and focus on your own competence: application software and apps. And if you do not want to get involved in software at all or if you want to buy a turnkey solution including application software from us, this is not a problem: we have proven partners who then perform the programming.

To make software development and distribution easier, we rely on proven standards such as Windows™ Embedded Compact, Windows CE, Linux and Android™. As a long-term certified Microsoft partner, we can directly access the internal Windows support and have access to the source code, too.

Linux as an open-source system is maintained by the community. While all of our current embedded systems support Yocto™, some older systems still use the Pengutronix distribution ptxdist. We support different kernel versions from standard to mainline, but also kernels with real-time extensions using PREEMPT_RT.

For Android our choice is the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). With the great success of Android, powerful and extensive development environments (SDK = Software Developers' Kit) are available now.

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