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Seamless integration of embedded touch HMI's from Garz & Fricke

We can start working with you at every step of your product development cycle. If you just have a rough idea of what your machine will look like, we will show you which one of our proven concepts could be a good fit.

You already have detailed specifications? Our proven concept single board computer guarantee quick time to market, but just about everything can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Looking to replace the touch screen HMI in your existing product line? We will find a solution that is a much improved drop-in replacement.

We will work with you from the start and throughout your full product life cycle to find a solution that fits your ideas, budget and potential constraints. Our dedicated solutions team, consisting of engineers with great market experience, works directly with you or your engineers. You can rely on our experience in project management and our strong commitment.


Our products are to be seen as customizable proven concepts, based on components that have already proven themselves many times in the market. These components are optimally tuned to keep your life as easy as possible. True to our motto "WE MAKE IT YOURS", we transform our proven concepts into your very own solution. Relying on our proven concepts also means that we manage obsolescence and ensure availability of your HMI throughout your life cycle.


In order to obtain THE perfect Industrial Panel HMI, a simple hardware and software adaptation is not enough for us. We have a creative team of mechanical designers who work with you closely to ensure seamless integration into your device, as well as cost effective manufacturability and ease of maintenance.


Series production for us begins with procurement. We purchase almost all parts directly from the manufacturers and have our own sourcing offices in the relevant markets to ensure best prices and highest supplier quality. We are proud of an exceptionally high vertical integration of manufacturing. The assembly of both the PCBA and the touch screen HMI is done onsite in Hamburg, Germany.


As a result of working with Garz & Fricke you will buy a product of superior quality and with the best value for money. Also you will have a partner at your side throughout your product life cycle and beyond. Our goal is a long term relationship with our partners that is at all times mutually beneficial.


Internal Sales-Team

"You are facing the challenge of developing a new HMI solution for your application? We are happy to support you and realize, together with you, an exactly fitting operating concept using latest and reliable technologies. We look forward to supporting you in your project. Get in contact with us!"

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Application range of our industrial touch panel PC

Professional kitchen equipment

Professional kitchen equipment must meet the highest demands in every aspect. In addition to rough handling, it must be easy to clean and often resist coarse cleaning agents, direct spray water and steam.

Smart Vending

Vending machines are the first choice to provide goods or services on site quickly and cost-effectively. In the Internet of Things, vending machines are becoming platforms for controlling offers, rewards, advertisement and therefore a method of customer retention.

Medical and laboratory equipment

In the development of laboratory and medical equipment, the highest demands are placed on quality, safety and long-term availability. Our Human Machine Interfaces are developed and used according to strict specifications.

Industrial automation

From single processor to complex multicore systems, highest availability and reliability in rough industrial environments are our daily business. Requirements such as real-time capability or use in an extended temperature range are also possible.

Building and safety technology

Security technology includes access and monitoring systems as well as fire extinguishing, fire and lightning protection systems. Building technology ranges from individual heating, ventilation and shade systems to complex, cross-building air-conditioning systems.

Your application idea

NOT YET SURE WHAT YOU NEED? Please contact us. We offer you conception, electronic and mechanical development, production and service from one source and accompany you from the first idea to serial production.

Our integration solutions

See in our video animation, how easy you can use our embedded HMI's in your developments.

Duration: 01:29 Min.

What is a Human-Machine Interface?

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or control unit that allows people to interact with a machine, system or device. While the term can technically be applied to any possibility that enables a user to interact with a device, the term HMI is often used with regards to an embedded touch panel, consisting of a display, touch screen and a computer unit.